Strive Till I Rise is an organization that produces audiovisuals, art exhibits & public speaking events to advance social freedoms & empower young leaders and artists. We serve to empower, amplify and provide consultation to up & coming activists and organizations who are working to bring humanity to the forefront of their community and Nation.

We advocate for racial healing, civic engagement, deconstructing unconscious bias, prison reform, inclusion of differently abled persons, LGBTQ and immigrant rights.

Through viral content, workshops, art exhibits, social networking, audiovisual production, plays and live events, STRIVE works to empower and educate young Americans on how to positively exercise their individual power within their community. We exist to encourage our audience to use critical analysis and a creative approach to identify and engage with problematic institutions that constrain their social freedoms.

Our Fiscal Sponsor: The Middle Project


Please note that we are able to accept tax-deductible donations thanks to our fiscal sponsor, The Middle Project. 

The Middle Project unites progressive leaders who are ready for a revolutionary and prophetic way of using power and resources to act locally and think globally to heal the human family. The Middle Project takes its strength and approach from the progressive faith traditions that have played a major role in America’s greatest democratic achievements: the abolition of slavery, civil rights, universal suffrage, and the anti-war movement. 

Grantor: Focus For Health

Focus for Health is committed to decreasing the rising trend of both autism and chronic illness triggered by negative environmental influences. FFH believes that lack of transparency in both profit-driven corporations and governmental regulatory agencies have reduced the public’s capacity to make the informed, educated decisions necessary for optimal health. FFH supports all efforts which empower individuals to ask questions and do their research before making any decisions about which foods, products, or procedures they allow, especially for the “vulnerable child.”


Strive Till I Rise joins Vote For Common Good to “flip congress”. Join us on tour from Oct 2nd to Nov 2nd as we enter the heart of red territory in an effort to appeal to the morality of Republican Christians. Face to face interaction, music, poetry, speaking and group session that explore our common goals for our community and families. Strive’s participation is made possible by The Middle Project & Focus For Health.


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Strive Till I Rise partners with Moral Courage Project to bring together millennials from Mississippi, who are on the opposite side of the State Flag to discuss race & history on a human level.


People Not Things is a production company that aims to heal divided communities by developing and sharing tools that help us confront our unconscious bias. By amplifying the voices and work of those at the intersection of race, gender & sexuality, we deliver a unique lens to our audience, one that only comes from surviving & navigated overlapping institutions of violence and bias. Our services include facilitating civil discourse, leading meditation, producing original music and art, public speaking tours and curating traveling art exhibits. People Not Things appeals to this generations’ empath, empowering a population to unlearn the biases forced upon us by our leadership, media and family. Using these voices, our goal is to disrupt institutions enacting violent and oppressive policy against people of color, women and queer folks. We do this by providing our services and an intersectional lens to Americans who are seeking a better understanding of how their privilege and behavior contribute to these institutions. Our core principle is that all people are humans, not the labels that we ascribe to each other. We encourage our audience to dig deeper to understand the ways in which we are perpetuating division, benefiting from division and how we are harming ourselves in the process. In terms of product, People Not Things is a lifestyle brand that produces clothing using original art pieces, we sell and streams original music content and we produce/sell original paintings/artworks. 

The People Not Things traveling art exhibit is housed by Strive Till I Rise/The Middle Project and debuts March 1, 2019 at Tag Gallery (LA). PNT uses Be's family history of activism and Be's personal experience as a bi-racial, muslim, queer, woman of color to deconstruct her own preconceived biases as a tool to inspire others to challenge their own. The art exhibit will have annual showing that will featuring queer artists of color and activist who are using extraordinary tactics to heal their divided communities. 


We deeply appreciate your donation! All funds received goes toward programming, curation and production costs of "People Not things" traveling art exhibit (2019). All contributions are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor The Middle Project.

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This month, Strive is proud to amplify the work of Atlanta residents, Regina Moriley and Ashley Moriley. They recently launched an initiative titled Hearts for Humanity, which feeds those without homes in the Atlanta metro area. They also offer toiletries and transportation to and from shelters so that their new friends can shower. Regina & Ashley, a young couple from Mississippi, have two small children and were recently homeless themselves. Once they found stability, they made it their mission to give back to their community in any way they can. They inspire us here at Strive and we hope they will inspire you as well!

They are currently looking to partner with an established 501(c)(3) organization, a fiscal sponsor and church outreach programs that focus on the same mission.

Learn more about how you can help them help others… on their Facebook Page!